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holla@oddboy.nz +64 273463287 254 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland, NZ

Oddboy is an interactive games studio*

*This is just another way of saying we love to get our hands dirty creating Games, VR + AR experiences, Apps and all manner of digital good stuff.

Oddboy is an eclectic crew of designers, 3D artists, developers and technologists.
We craft award winning games and digital&nbps;experiences.

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Beautiful Engaging

Game creation.

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse from the comfort of your couch.

Gamers have spent countless hours saving princesses, dodging bullets, and dismembering Grecian monsters. The desire to play games is hard coded into our DNA. Video games engage, teach and inspire us in ways that the real world cannot. We feel uniquly connected to their emotionally driven stories and rewarding problem solving. Our passion is understanding these ideas and using them to create beautiful and engaging experiences.

  • Console, PC & Mac
  • Strategy & Design
  • iOS & Android
  • Art & Animation
  • Web GL
  • Development

Immersive Surreal

Alternate Reality.

Sort of like the matrix, but less real. It’s still pretty real though.

Both Virtual and Augmented reality are emerging mediums like no other. The ability to merge the familiar with the surreal gives us the potential to create wild and unimagined experiences. These experiences can engage and captivate users in ways we never dreamed. Production pipelines mirror that of gaming giving us a great foundation when working in these mediums.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality