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holla@oddboy.nz +64 273463287 36 Douglas St, Auckland, NZ

Oddboy is an experience design studio*

*That’s just a fancy way of saying we create good digital stuff that you’ll remember.

We are a collective of digital designers with a desire to collaborate with those who want to craft beautiful, memorable digital experiences.

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Beautiful Engaging

Game Design.

All the terror of a zombie apocalypse, without any of the consequences.

Video games engage, teach and inspire us in ways that the real world cannot. We feel uniquly connected to their emotionally driven stories and rewarding problem solving. Our passion is understanding this connection and using it to create beautifully immersive experiences.

  • Console, PC & Mac
  • Startegy & Design
  • iOS & Android
  • Asset Creation
  • WebGL
  • Game Branding & Marketing

Immersive Magical

Virtual Reality.

Sort of like the matrix, but less real. It’s still pretty real though.

Both Virtual and Augmented reality is an emerging medium like no other. With the potential to merge the familiar with the surreal, the applications are limitless. As VR and AR are in their infancy, we are fluid and flexible to cater for a range of solutions.

Intelligent Intuitive

Digital Products.

If it seems confusing or complex it’s because it is... But it shouldn’t be.

The digital realm is everywhere, your phone, car, TV, even your fridge. Everything is becoming connected. Products and digital interfaces are now one in the same. We craft intuitive solutions that simplify tasks, enhance communication and even provide a little joy.

  • App Design
  • Web Experiences
  • App Development
  • UX/UI Design

Our work.


VR Experience

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Camp Hope Falls.

Game Design

Barkle Portfolio.

Web experience

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